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PSL Owner renewal packets coming in February

The Carolina Panthers will mail 2012 renewal packets to PSL Owners in mid-February. The packets, which have been sent in mid-March in the past, are being mailed earlier than in previous years to allow for advanced planning and flexible options for PSL Owners.

The 2012 PSL Owner renewal packet offers:

• Flexible and multiple payment options.
• One of the payment options offers the ability to increase the number of payments through the Panthers Payment Plan, which reduces the monthly payment. This year, the Panthers Payment Plan will offer five (5) monthly installments, beginning in February.
• Ticket prices for PSL Owners will remain the same as in 2011.

"Because this is a change in the long-standing timing of our mailing procedures, we are trying to notify PSL Owners of the advanced mailing date," said Carolina Panthers Director of Sales Phil Youtsey. "The most significant change is the longer monthly installment plan, which necessitated the earlier mailing."

Next year's home schedule promises to be one of the most appealing in team history with visits by the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks as well as NFC South rivals New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Panthers are coming off one of the NFL's top ticket sales figures, ranking seventh in tickets distributed during the 2011 regular season despite playing in the league's 24th largest market. Carolina has sold out 93 consecutive games.

"That is a tribute to our fans," Youtsey said. "We are fortunate to have a great fan base that has been supportive from the beginning."

Along with the in-stadium support, the Panthers' television numbers surged throughout the Carolinas during the 2011 season. Overall in North and South Carolina, the Panthers had a 25 percent increase in viewership with the average telecast being seen by approximately two million people each week.

The interest wasn't limited to television as experienced a 43 percent growth in visits and 44 percent spike in pageviews compared to the 2010 season. Additionally, fans flocked to the team's social media websites as Facebook and Twitter saw a 161 percent increase in likes and 431 percent increase in followers respectively.

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