RB Hyde hopes to power his way into first round


Who is the best running back in the 2014 NFL Draft?

If you study film of the top prospects, Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde feels you need not ask.

"I definitely feel like I should be regarded as the best running back in this draft," Hyde said at the NFL Scouting Combine. "I feel like my game does the talking, and if you watch the film you can see that for yourself."

The film displays 3,198 career rushing yards and 37 touchdowns. It shows Hyde – whose 6.1 yards per carry average is the best in school history – barreling through defenders and running past them.

The film says a lot, but at the podium in Indianapolis, he elaborated on what separates him from the other running backs.

"What I bring to the table," he answered. "I bring that passion. I play with a lot of heart. I feel like I bring that spark to the offense. When the offense needs something going, I feel like I can make it happen.

"I'm 5-11, 230 pounds, and I'm sure I will be one of the top running backs here. Not too many are 230 (and) are going to run what I run."

Hyde ran a 4.66 in 40-yard dash, an impressive time considering the weight he carries. And make no mistake, Hyde will make his living with his power.

"I would say my running style is violent. Not too many times am I trying to make you miss. I am trying to run through you, trying to get the yards we need," Hyde explained.

There's a place in any NFL offense for a running back that can earn the hard yards.

"In order to be successful in the league," Hyde said, "you have to run the ball."

But will Hyde – or any other running back for that matter – hear his name called in the first round?

Last year, no running backs were drafted in round one for the first time since 1963. Five were drafted in round two.

"Yeah, it does kind of bother me. I feel like they are down on us," Hyde said. "They are kind of just downplaying us: 'We can wait to get ya'll.'"

Hyde hopes he doesn't have to wait long on draft day. He hopes to fulfill a dream of becoming a first-round running back.

"I definitely thought that would be me one day," Hyde said, "and it's still possible."

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