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Rivera Comments on Jared Allen Trade

CHARLOTTE – Head coach Ron Rivera confirmed Monday evening on Panther Talk that the Carolina has agreed to a trade for Chicago Bears defensive end Jared Allen, pending a physical.

On how the trade came about: "This morning some things came up in conversation, and then the opportunity was there. Talking with (general manager) Dave (Gettleman) and (assistant general manager) Brandon Beane, we just tried to figure it out. Then we got (director of team administration) Rob Rogers involved, our 'capologist' guy. They just went to work, and some things fell into place nicely."

On details to still be worked out: "I've got to make sure everybody understands that this is all pending a physical – that's the most important thing. He'll come in and get his physical."

On what Allen can add to the Panthers: "He's a pass rushing specialist – that's what he does – and he plays the run very well. He's a physical guy. He's got good size, good hand strength. He rushes with violence. He doesn't just sit there and work one way or the other – he's got counter moves. We watched a lot of tape on him today just to make sure that this could potentially be a fit for us."

On how quickly Allen can transition to the Panthers' defense: It will be a lot shorter (compared to wide receiver Kevin Norwood's transition to the offense). In fact, probably the only other position that is quicker as far as transition is offensive lineman. Offensive linemen really adapt very quickly. Defensive linemen are next, because for the most part defensive linemen just go in one direction, and that's upfield.

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