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Rivera's remarks: Back home


Comments from Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera.

On practicing back in Charlotte: It was nice, it was good. I told the guys the hard thing about today's practice more than anything else was focus, because it's tough. We broke camp for the first time, we're back home at our own facility, and then we've got to travel today. So we were a little day dreamy out there. I pointed out that we've got to get our focus back, because we play tomorrow. But it was good.

On if it was strange having the team's first practice of the year at Bank of America Stadium on Aug. 18: Most certainly if you put it in those terms, it definitely is strange and different. But it's not bad. It's very similar to what we had when we were down there at Wofford. They're nice fields and they've done a great job getting it ready for us.

On what happened to tight end Gary Barnidge: His cleat got stuck in the ground, and he went over the top of it. Hopefully, at worst it's a bad, bad (ankle) sprain. But as a precaution they booted him up, took him in and they're going to take him over to get some x-rays.

On what he is stressing in the second preseason game: Consistency, that's the biggest thing. Last week, we'd go a series where we'd have a bad thing happen and then we'd have a good thing happen and then we'd have a bad thing. Cutting down on the turnovers. We had two but we had a third one that was on the ground. We just can't have that; we've got to be more consistent. Then we've got to be consistent on defense as well. You give up a couple of big plays here, and then you shut them down. That's the biggest thing that we're looking for and we're hoping for - to be more consistent. As I have stressed with these guys, I do want to play hard more so than anything else.

On the quarterback rotation against the Miami Dolphins: We'll start with Cam (Newton) and we'll take Cam into the second quarter. Jimmy (Clausen) will come in the second quarter and will play with that same group that Cam had. He'll finish that quarter up and then he'll go into the third quarter and probably play the majority of the third quarter. Then Derek (Anderson) will come in and finish up for us.

On if quarterback Jimmy Clausen will play the third quarter with the second stringers: Yes. We'll start moving guys in and out at that point.

On if he is committed to naming the starting quarterback for the regular season next week: No. That we haven't committed to. We've talked about that we'd like to be able to do it, but we'll see....After the (Dolphins) game, we'll sit down and talk about it and see what direction we're heading.

On if Derek Anderson is a candidate to be the starting quarterback: Derek is in the battle, but we're coming down to two young men that we've got to decide on which of the two is the most ready to play for us.

On if the starters are likely to play the entire first half: Yes, we're looking to get anywhere between 20 and 25 good snaps with those guys. A couple of guys will be a little bit different because it will be their first action on the field, so they'll probably play less than that.

On if the starters will play even more in the third preseason game: Yes. The whole week will be an entire mock week. We will do everything we would expect to do during the regular season, starting with what would technically be our Wednesday, which will end up being Sunday (with a Thursday game). We'll have a Wednesday practice on Sunday.

On the importance of the fourth preseason game for players battling for the final roster spots: That will be the time for us to judge those young guys, guys that we're looking to have to make some tough decisions on.

On offensive lineman Mackenzy Bernadeau: What Mackenzy's done has been great. He's done a good job at right guard for us as well as back-up center. We feel very comfortable with him, and he's earning an opportunity to continue to stay with that group of guys. We'll get a better sense once we get to our third preseason game, which is a real good judge for us.

On the plan for the offensive line: With Jeff (Otah) rehabbing on the knee and trying to get it stronger, it will be one of those things where he's going to have to get a little bit more work, and then we'll see. We've got to wait and see as the next couple of weeks unfold.

On defensive tackle Ron Edwards still coming to practice and attending meetings despite being on injured reserve: It speaks to his character and who he is. It was a real big disappointment that he had to have the (triceps) surgery. What he brings to the table is more so than just what he does on the football field but what he's doing in the classroom with the young guys and now out here as like an extra coach, an extra set of eyes for us.

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