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Rivera's remarks: Looking for consistency


Comments from Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera.

On what he is looking for from the Panthers in the third preseason game: Probably the biggest thing is consistency. The one thing we haven't done is we really haven't played consistent, and that's probably the biggest disappointment right now. We need to play consistent, be more consistent. I think if we can get to that point where we are doing the things that we are supposed to, the little things, we can feel better about ourselves.

On the challenges posed by the Cincinnati Bengals: It will be a very big challenge. They are kind of like us, in a situation where the defense will be ahead of the offense. It will most certainly pose a challenge for our offensive unit. The one thing I don't want our defense to do is get overconfident and feel that because this is a new offense they are going to be struggling, which they have. But they're like us; they're in a growing situation. What you don't want to do is come in and assume anything. The biggest difference is it is a new offense, and we only have two bits of tape to watch off of it in terms of their preseason games. But we'll work off of that. We are definitely treating this like a regular season week and, hopefully, we can gain some experience out of it.

On what areas other than mechanics quarterback Cam Newton has improved: Probably one of the biggest things that you see is him coming out from under center. It's kind of interesting, because that's one of the things everybody was concerned about. He seems to be doing well with that. Hopefully, he'll continue to do that, work on those mechanics coming out from under center, working on his mechanics coming out of shotgun. The play-action stuff is a little bit different from what he had run in college, so I know that's another thing he's working on and getting used to.

On if it was good having tackle Jeff Otah participate in practice on a limited basis: Without a doubt. Jeff is coming along big time, and he's made some big strides the last couple of days working with our training and strength and conditioning staffs. I'm real happy with his progress. It's just a matter of time with Jeff.

On if defensive end Greg Hardy is O.K.: He's fine. Yesterday was the first extended bit of work he'd had; he still has some soreness with the injury. From yesterday, it (foot) was kind of sore putting it in the shoe, so after he got his work in, then we cut him out on purpose and we sent him in to get iced down and treated.

On why tight end Jeremy Shockey left practice early: He cramped up and wanted to get an IV.

On if he has considered moving practice to later in the day like at training camp because of the heat: Honestly, no. We haven't thought about that.

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