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Robert McClain Q&A


On what he did during the bye: "I don't watch a lot of football outside of the facility. I got my mind away. (The bye) came in time for me to stay here and get treatments on my hamstring so I can play against Arizona."

On hitting the reset button: "It's important. We have to continue to work hard and work on the things we need to. We've seen things that hurt us during our first part of the season. We have a lot of things we need to correct."

On things that need to be corrected: "We haven't had as many turnovers as we want. We're trying to create more turnovers to help out our offense.

"Last year, we had a lot of turnovers. We're just trying to get back to that way of attacking the ball."

On missing the Saints game:"It was hard watching it. In my entire football career, from little league to now, I've never missed a game in my life. I've never been hurt and missed a game. It's hard watching your teammates that you work with all training camp, all OTAs and you're not out there. Not even being able to be there and say, 'Hey, I see this or see that.' It's just tough watching it. I'm glad to be back and healthy to help the team."

On his hamstring injury: "(It happened) last Wednesday after our Monday night game. I tweaked it a little bit and it just wasn't – it just kept grabbing all week. I was trying to do everything I could to play against the Saints. But it wasn't healthy."

On getting healthier in the secondary: "It'll help having the numbers back. But it's about executing our techniques and our fundamentals that we're taught during the week. As the game gets on and the bullets start flying, things start flying past you, you kind of resort back to the ways you're naturally used to playing instead of what you're being coached to do. It's about staying fundamentally sound for 60 minutes."

On going forward: "We have to pick it up the rest of the season. We have to be hard on ourselves and we have to execute every play."

View photos of the Panthers' week of practice leading up to their game against Arizona.

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