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Carolina Panthers

Seven Ridiculous Moments from Super Bowl Opening Night

View behind-the-scene photos of Panthers players as they await their appearance at Super Bowl Opening Night.

1. It was a bit more subtle than the dude dressed in drag or the fully equipped Nordic skier asking questions, but defensive end Charles Johnson produced one of the strongest laugh-out-loud moments of the night.

The not-so-subtle Pick Boy, a superhero from Nickelodeon Sports, asked Johnson if he could spell Luke Kuechly's last name.

"K-U-C," Johnson said before being told of his error, after which he started over and nailed it. Still, Johnson hilariously blamed Luke for his initial slip-up.

"Who names themselves Kuechly?" Johnson asked.


2. Pick Boy leapt from one side of the stage to the other in a single bound, asking as many questions as anybody on this night. He turned the tables on defensive end Ryan Delaire.

"Will you ask my magic football a question?" Pick Boy said, acting as if his football were one of those Magic 8-Balls from back in the day.

The chances that Pick Boy has superhero status with damsels in distress?

"Outlook not so good."


3. Center Ryan Kalil certainly got his share of crazy questions, but he was the one drawing the laughs with his answer to one of the "serious" questions posed to him.

"What former player helped you in your career the most?" Kalil was asked by none other than Jordan Gross, the Panthers' longtime left tackle and Kalil's bestie.

Without hesitation, Kalil provided his answer: "Jake Delhomme."

Gross simply walked away.

4. Television entertainment show "Extra" had Kalil draw a random question from a helmet to test his Hollywood trivia knowledge. He drew, "Who is Taylor Swift dating?"

Kalil couldn't come up with the answer (duh, it's musician Calvin Harris), somewhat surprising given this:

5. A German reporter asked wide receiver Stephen Hill about what foods Americans most like to eat on Super Bowl Sunday.

Among others, Hill listed buffalo wings – apparently a food they're not familiar with in Germany.

"Butterfly wings?" the reporter asked.

6. At least a couple of Panthers had "reporters" get a little too close for comfort. An aggressive female reporter asked safety Colin Jones what his Valentine's Day plans were, while a bald man asked guard Andrew Norwell to kiss him on the head.

"I had to decline that one," Norwell said.

7. No detailing of silly moments would be complete without a mention of cornerback Josh Norman. A Mexican television reporter donning a luchador mask provided one for Norman to wear. After initially struggling to get it on correctly, Norman wore it proudly as a masked man answering questions.

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