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Special artwork inspired by "Black Panther"

We asked graphic artists to create unique pieces of work inspired by Marvel's newly released movie "Black Panther,"  and they enthusiastically responded with the submissions below. A big thank you goes out to those who shared their unique visions.


Graphic artist Cameron Blackmon: "It's important that people of color along with women are portrayed in a way that uplifts and conveys strength. I could only imagine what it would be like for a team to have (T'Challa's) attributes on the football field!"


Graphic artist Matthew Clayburn: "Cam is the king of the Queen City. He, like the Black Panther, is a symbol of strength both on the field and in the community."


Left: Julius Peppers, Right: Thomas Davis

Graphic artist Ndubisi Okoye: "I was inspired by the Ta-Nehisi Coates series of Black Panther Comics, the movie, and the soundtrack to create these pieces of art. Through my artistic aesthetic, I wanted to show that Killmonger and T'Challa were different sides of the same coin. Their dynamic in the film showed the complex nature of African vs. African-American cultural nuance, ideals and life. I wanted the art to reflect the innate longing for home in your tribe and land as the movie does - whether it's Wakanda or Charlotte."


Graphic artist Brooks Brackett: "I believe that we all come equipped with unique superpowers, but nothing matches the collective power of a loyal team. This sketch was inspired by the sheer strength and determination that a good crew can provide."

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