Stadium enhancements detailed

CHARLOTTE – With the start of renovations exactly two weeks away, the Carolina Panthers provided an update on phase one of the Bank of America Stadium fan enhancement and improvement program.

The project has three directives: impact all fans in attendance, maintain the classic design of the stadium and improve the fan experience.

"We think the first phase of the renovation plan meets all of those objectives," Carolina Panthers President Danny Morrison said. "We'd like to (complete the project) in a three-year period. We'd like to be doing something every offseason for the next three years."



Click on the picture to view renditions of the stadium enhancements.

Phase one is expected to be completed on July 1, 2014, and the $65 million project includes the following:

• Four new bays installed at the three entry gates with extra wide escalators in each bay. One escalator in each bay arrives at the 300 Club Level. The other escalator in each bay arrives at the 500 Level.

• The new escalator additions are designed to be a seamless integration onto the existing stadium facade - maintaining its classic appearance and timeless design.

• At the top of each escalator bay (500 Level), open air canopies will cover more than 2,500 square feet of deck for expanded fan amenity plazas.

• Two new ribbon boards approximately five feet high will encircle the entire bowl at the club level and upper bowl level. These boards will feature game information and statistics, NFL scores and statistics, crowd prompts and sponsor elements.

• Two new 63-feet high x 212-feet long high-definition, LED video boards will be located above each end zone. These boards will feature areas for live video coverage and replays, game information and statistics, crowd prompts, and sponsor elements. The new video boards are two-and-a-half times bigger than the existing ones.

• A new high-efficiency, high-octave distributed sound system throughout the bowl.

• New illuminated glass domes on each of the three entry gates.

• Upgraded broadcast and programming spaces within the stadium.

Said Dave Wagner of Wagner Murray Architects: "We have an 18-year-old stadium and 65 million dollars will put it right at the top of the league again. It's a great investment. It's a modest investment, and I think the return is going to be terrific.

"These enhancements put the stadium in the next generation of NFL stadiums."


From left to right: Carolina Panthers Director of Stadium Operations Scott Paul, Carolina Panthers President Danny Morrison, Dave Wagner of Wagner Murray Architects and Ron Smith of McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture.

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