Stories From The Stands: Joan Finger


The Panthers Privileges program is excited to share the stories of the Panthers' most dedicated fans and why they are committed to the Carolina Panthers. Our second story from the stands features longtime PSL Owner Joan Finger who received an autographed PSL Owner flag for being selected.

By Joan Finger

I have proudly been a PSL Owner since the inception of the Carolina Panthers. When the notice came out regarding PSL season tickets being available before the team began its first season in Charlotte, my husband put in his bid for two tickets, and to my surprise and pleasure he got them. We were fortunate to receive the option to purchase seats in section 256, directly behind the goal post. Wow!

It was so exciting for us when our team played on offense, approaching the west end zone as we could see every touchdown up close and personal. During this time, we made many friends in and around our section, all from various places throughout the two states. The comradery we've shared over the years has brought us closer each and every season.

One of my most exciting and memorable moments at Bank of America stadium was in 1996 when the Panthers played the Dallas Cowboys in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. When we won the game, I was so elated that I jumped on the back of the man sitting in front of me out of pure joy. My husband was so embarrassed that he hurriedly apologized to the man and told me to calm down. The man, who seemed very quiet, eagerly accepted the apology. Incidentally, he still occupies that same seat to this day.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of meeting Erik, a super Panthers employee, whom I approached about a security incident that he handled exceptionally. Even though he could not right the wrong, he happened to tell Steve Smith my story. To help assuage my hurt feelings, Steve, sent me an autographed football. Oh boy, I was extremely happy and mesmerized to have been recognized by such an incredible football star.

Because I am such a loyal fan, I proudly have my PSL Owner flag blowing on my front lawn. I want everyone who passes by my home to know that I am a proud, loyal PSL Owner. Even though my husband is no longer here with us to enjoy his favorite sport and his favorite team, my daughters and I continue to support and cheer our family's favorite team to victory, and yes, to another Super Bowl. Having these warm fuzzy feelings and looking forward to coming to Bank America Stadium for each game inspires us to "Keep Pounding."

We love the Panthers!


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