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Carolina Panthers

Super Bowl Week: Panthers Quotes 2/4


On plan for navigating a lengthy Super Bowl Sunday: "You have to stay in the locker room longer because of the halftime festivities. I was teasing Coach (Ron Rivera), 'You need to let us out early so we can go see Beyonce,' you know what I'm saying? Nope. Just trying to find anyway to stay on rhythm as possible, I think that's going to be key. Like I said, a lot of people that's here on the Panthers' side have never been here, so it's just all new. Of course you've got Michael Oher, we've got Ed Dickson, Ted Ginn, guys like that, but yet they're taking it all in as well."

On his sleep patterns: "I think being on the West Coast kind of makes my sleep easier, rather than being on the East Coast. I always get condemned and try to get coached up on better sleeping habits, but being on the West Coast and going to sleep at 12 or 1 o'clock is kind of the norm, when regular people are supposed to go to sleep. I don't think anything has changed. We've bumped up meetings earlier just to kind of stay on the same rhythm or the same schedule from the East Coast."

On wearing socks with sandals to press conference: "Why are you wearing jeans with shoes? It's just comfort. I mean, we're still at our team hotel, so it just gives you guys something else to talk about, you know? Especially, I told you, nothing has changed in 24 hours, so if I see an article talking about my sandals and socks, that would be new."


On challenges of Super Bowl week: "This is my second one, so I'm not really shocked by anything now. I remember it like yesterday, all the ins and outs. I've just had to let some of my brothers know how to maintain their composure and last throughout the week without getting exhausted mentally and physically. The whole week is a marathon until the game is played on Sunday. I think these guys are doing a great job. We've got a couple more days of preparation. By that time Sunday, I think we're going to be flying around ready to go."

On this not being a normal week: "I think what we mean by 'treat it like a normal week' is don't change the format. You can't do something spectacular and change your whole program in one week. All of the basic things stay the same. You know in your mind that the margin for error is very limited. Everything is magnified by a lot. Those catches become bigger. The running yards become bigger. The tackles become bigger. But, you do treat it like another week preparation wise. When you get to the game, give it 100 percent and go play 60 minutes of football. Give it everything you've got. There's no tomorrow. You're playing on the biggest stage for the biggest game."


On playing in the Super Bowl: "It's a really true experience. You hear about it, you see it on TV and now for it to be here, I'm really humbled by the situation, but at the end of the day, I really understand the significance of the situation. This opportunity doesn't come for everybody, and the people that do get it might not ever get it back. So I'm really humbled by the situation, but at the end of the day I'm ready to go."

On his development as a second-year pro: "Mentally, I get it. I understand how to get to the ball now. I understand the whole concept of the defense and how it works in the scheme of things, and one thing can knock the whole thing down as far as one missed opportunity can create a big situation that you don't want to be in. It's more so the speed of the game. It's not even the talent or the physicality."

On improving since college days: "Definitely. I've grown and matured. I've had guys like Jared (Allen) and Charles Johnson and guys like Cam (Newton) to learn from and develop different parts of my game. It's just all about development and maturity."


On Super Bowl week so far: "It's been long. There is a lot of stuff that we aren't used to - travel commitments and media sessions. But at the end of the day it's all about football and that's what we do so at the end of the day. We'll be fine."

On his plans the night before the game: "I'll do the same thing as usual. We'll go through our meetings, and then running backs will get together and go out to dinner. Then I'll get back and call my wife and kids, and then I go to sleep. I'm not the kind of guy that can't really sleep before the big game. I'll go to sleep and have pleasant dreams."

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