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Turkey burgers with a side of football


CHARLOTTE – A man of few words, we haven't learned much about cornerback James Bradberry since the Panthers took him in the second round of the 2016 draft. So we gladly accepted an invite to his apartment located just outside uptown Charlotte last week.

For the latest episode of our "Pads Off" series, Bradberry showed off his skills as a chef. He also talked some football on the side. Not included in the video was ...

His prediction for the upcoming draft:"I think we're going to draft some defensive backs. We're kind of frail back there right now. We don't have too many." 

The trade of fellow '16 draftee Daryl Worley: "That's my boy. It's sad, man, cause me and him hung out off the field a lot. I'm going to miss him a lot, but at the same time I have to understand it is a business."

And Bradberry's somewhat disappointing 2017 season: "At times I played terrible, at times I feel like I played great. It was pretty much an up-and-down season for me. Of course, I want to be the best corner in the league. That's always every corner's aspiration."

You can watch Chef Bradberry make his 'Brad-B's Special Turkey Burgers' by clicking here or pressing 'play' below. 

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