WR King trying to separate himself

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – In training camp, coaches often talk about a player "flashing."

Second-year wide receiver Tavarres King is one of the players that has flashed this week, evidenced by a particularly flashy play. During Friday's practice, King reached high and behind him to snare a one-handed catch across the middle.

"You know it's pretty sweet, catching one-handers," King said. "So yeah, I knew it was pretty sweet."

But King knows one highlight-reel catch isn't enough to separate him from the competitive pack of wide receivers fighting for a roster spot. Instead, he needs to keep stringing together consistent practice performances.

"I'm starting to get a groove, starting to get a hold of things," King said. "The game is starting to slow down for me. I'm starting to get ahold of the offense. I just feel a lot more comfortable in my position.

"When the game slows down and you can play fast and you can be yourself, that's when people can see who you really are. That's what I feel like is happening right now. I put together a few good days back to back to back, and that's what it's about, consistency and building on that."

King is trying to build on what was a challenging rookie season. The former Georgia standout was drafted in the fifth round by the Denver Broncos and was waived by the team twice. The Panthers claimed him off waivers on October 21, and he was inactive for the remaining 10 regular season games.

"When you're a rookie, things are crazy," King explained. "Veterans are flying around out there, and it's just a complete whirlwind. It's like a twister out there.

"Like I said before, the game is starting to slow down for me and I'm starting to understand things, and understand where I need to be and how I need to get there."

He hopes to get himself into the end zone during the fast-approaching preseason. If that happens, fans could be in for a treat.

"I'm going to act a fool when I get in the end zone," King said. "I don't know. Y'all might see something crazy."

Scoring touchdowns is something King excelled at in college, ranking third in Georgia history with 21 receiving touchdowns.

Scoring in the preseason would go a long way in helping his cause for a roster spot. And King wholeheartedly expects to make it.

"Absolutely. Most  certainly," he said. "It would be a shame if I let this thing slip through my hands."

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