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Cam Newton teams with YouTube star MrBeast to break three world records


CHARLOTTE – Ever heard of MrBeast?

Well, if you haven't, over 20 million YouTube subscribers have.

MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson from Greenville, N.C.) is a YouTube star known for attention-grabbing stunts. Back in July, MrBeast and his team joined forces with Cam Newton at Bank of America Stadium to try to break some Guinness World Records.

The first objective – most one-handed catches in under a minute, a record previously held by wide receiver Jarvis Landry and former quarterback Brady Quinn, who partnered for 48.

"Let's just put it like this – I have the best hands in the NFL," Newton said. "You can document that. I have film. I really do have film of me catching passes in an actual game. I didn't drop one yet … that was catchable."

Newton, who did record two catches at Auburn and had one NFL catch in his rookie season, backed up the talk, posting 51 one-handed catches.

The second objective – longest catch between the legs, current record held by YouTube stars Dude Perfect with 39 yards.

The third objective – furthest blindfolded catch in motion, current record also held by Dude Perfect with 24 yards.

With Newton playing quarterback, both records were broken.

"You are officially amazing," the Guinness World Record official told Newton.

The crew also took a shot at breaking the record for highest altitude of a football pass caught. That meant dropping a ball 600 feet from a helicopter. Alas, they were not successful.

But three world records in one day? Not a bad day at the office.

View photos from the fun-filled day in July when the Panthers quarterback and YouTube star teamed up at Bank of America Stadium.

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