How are the Panthers rated in Madden NFL 22?

Copy of Panthers 16x9

The full player ratings for Madden NFL 22 have been released, so it's time argue over who's overrated, who's underrated and who just looks funny.

We've combed through the ratings to provide a snapshot of the Panthers roster ,after examining some of the noteworthy attributes.

Highest overall rating: Christian McCaffrey (97)

Christian McCaffrey leads the Panthers with a 97 overall rating, the highest among all NFL running backs. Coming off a season where he only played in three games due to injury, it's understandable that McCaffrey might have dropped out of the prestigious 99 Club after two straight seasons there.

Fastest Panther? Donte Jackson (96)

Donte Jackson repeats as Carolina's fastest Panther. Last year, he hit a top speed of 20.86 MPH on his interception return at Los Angeles, the fastest time by a defender that week.

Strongest Panther? Derrick Brown (94)

Second-year defensive tackle Derrick Brown is a beast in the interior line. And he's only getting beastlier.

Most agile Panther? Christian McCaffrey (97)

Another no-brainer here. McCaffrey has always possessed the ability to make people look silly in one-on-one situations.

Toughest Panther? Christian McCaffrey (96) and Taylor Moton (96)

McCaffrey battled injury last year, but he had six games in 2019 where he played every snap. Moton didn't miss a snap in 2020 and has started every game since 2018.

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