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Carolina Panthers

How are the Panthers rated in Madden NFL 20?

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The complete player ratings for Madden NFL 20 have been released, which means it's time for players and fans alike to argue about why certain ratings should be higher.

We've combed through the ratings to provide a snapshot of the Panthers roster after examining some of the noteworthy attributes. Click here to visit the Madden ratings hub.

Panthers with highest overall rating:

LB Luke Kuechly (98)

RB Christian McCaffrey (91)

TE Greg Olsen (89)

C Matt Paradis (88)

DT Gerald McCoy (86)

The top five overall makes a lot of sense with Kuechly and McCaffrey at the top. It's perhaps a little surprising to see Paradis in that group, but he's one of the best centers in the game and the rating reflects that. As for McCoy, he's an 86 overall. The six-time Pro Bowler could easily be pushing into the 90s with his consistent high-level production.

For those wondering, quarterback Cam Newton comes in with an 84 overall rating.

Fastest Panther? Donte Jackson and Curtis Samuel tied (95)

Good choices from the folks over at EA on this one. Jackson and Samuel are true burners. This is a race we'd love to watch.

Strongest Panther? Dontari Poe (94)

Yeah, no one is going to argue with the 346-pound defensive tackle. He's extremely strong and worthy of the title.

Most agile Panther? Christian McCaffrey (97)

Another no-brainer here. McCaffrey has always possessed the ability to make people look silly in one-on-one situations.

Toughest Panther? Luke Kuechly and Cam Newton tied (99)

It's hard to put a number on toughness, but yeah, these two are as tough as they come.

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