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Five observations from Tuesday's practice

1. Rivera cracking down on penalties: On Monday, head coach Ron Rivera said he might have to come down harder on the players about pre-snap penalties during practice.

He did just that Tuesday. After the defensive line jumped offsides during a 9-on-7 drill, Rivera made his voice heard.

"It moves, you move!" Rivera shouted.

2. Misunderstanding between Funchess and Worley: Rookie cornerback Daryl Worley tried using the "Peanut Punch" against Devin Funchess, and the wide receiver was none too pleased.

Worley's strike accidentally connected around Funchess' neck, which prompted a scrap between the two.

"I know you see that Charles Tillman is here, and we're trying to create takeaways. Daryl struck Funch and didn't mean to, and Funch took exception to it," Rivera said. "I had an opportunity to talk to both guys afterwards. It's just Devin understanding that the young guy is trying to do something. It's part of football; it's going to happen out there.

"In the game it's going to be the same thing. You can't lose your composure."

3. McClain shows veteran saavy: Cornerback Robert McClain has taken a back seat to the rookies in terms of reps and attention, but Rivera has liked what he's seen from the veteran.

"A guy like Robert doesn't need a lot of reps in terms of learning. At the same time, I think it helped to push Robert," Rivera said.

One play in particular stood out to Rivera when he met with the media after practice.

"Today was a great example. He made a smart, headsy play," Rivera said. "The receiver catches the ball near the sideline, and he carries him out of bounds. That's perfectly legal. It's something we'll use as an example for our young guys."

4. Tight ends getting extended opportunity: With Greg Olsen limited in his return to practice Tuesday and Ed Dickson still sitting out with a groin injury, tight ends Scott Simonson and Marcus Lucas got plenty of work during team periods, and they made it count.

Quarterback Cam Newton targeted Simonson several times down the seam, and quarterbacks Derek Anderson and Joe Webb connected with Lucas to move the chains during the two-minute drill.

Earlier in practice rookie tight end Braxton Deaver earned some high praise from tight ends coach Pete Hoener for the way he was powerfully hitting the sled. "That's a clinic Deaver," Hoener said.

5. Health update: Safety Dean Marlowe (hamstring) missed practice again Tuesday. Linebacker Ben Jacobs, who had missed several practices, returned to action.

Wide receiver Philly Brown was shut down after taking a shot to his shoulder.

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