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Jordan Trgovac takes lessons from women's combine forum

Jordan Trgovac

INDIANAPOLIS – This year's scouting combine brought a couple of firsts for Jordan Trgovac.

For one, it was the first Trgovac spent as a Panthers’ scouting assistant, going through interviews with players and evaluating on-field workouts, having previously worked with the team's public relations department and attending the event with her father, former Panthers defensive coordinator Mike Trgovac, when she was younger.

She also had the chance to connect with women across the NFL in the league's seventh annual women's forum, helping lead breakout sessions for women working at the college level who aspire to join the NFL in various areas like football operations, scouting, player personnel, and football video.

"The participants were there to learn about what we do, but I was learning about what people at other teams do and how other teams are run," Trgovac said. "Every team is different in its own way, so it was cool to see what roles are out there and space within teams; hearing about how all the different teams, not unlike the Panthers, are super receptive to adding women into more of the football side and letting us get in and learn about it."

The forum connected 41 women, 60 percent of whom were women of color, with NFL leaders to provide insight and networking opportunities for two days in Indianapolis. The events included panel discussions, breakout sessions, and networking activities, with words from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Buccaneers co-owner Darcie Glazer Kassewitz, among others.

Trgovac's breakout group included 49ers area scout Salli Clavelle, the NFL's first Black female scout, and Bills player personnel coordinator Andie Gosper. The trio talked with four women in two 45-minute breakout sessions, answering questions and evaluating film together.

She said they showed the participants 10 clips – five good and five bad – and asked them to break it down, highlighting what went well and where a player could improve.

"It was just cool to see … There's a lot of them that were in college; there were some that have been working at the college level for a really long time," Trgovac said. "So just seeing their interest in getting to the league level or taking what they learned from the NFL back to their college."

Trgovac said she came away from the forum with new ideas to bring back to her work scouting for Carolina and a rejuvenated sense of how much value women on staff bring to their respective teams.

"I think what I've learned from a lot of the people that I was in the breakout session with, at the roundtable with, is we do bring a little bit of a different perspective and different backgrounds to these teams," Trgovac said. "So they're learning as much as we're learning from them, like they're learning from us on how things can kind of evolve."

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