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Panthers add 11 players to the practice squad


CHARLOTTE — The Panthers signed a majority of their practice squad Wednesday, adding 11 of the players released Tuesday back in time to join them on the practice field.

The Panthers signed the following players back to the practice squad: Offensive linemen Justin McCray, Deonte Brown, and J.D. DiRenzo; running back Spencer Brown; defensive linemen Raequan Williams and Taylor Stallworth; outside linebackers Eku Leota and Jordan Thomas; safety Eric Rowe; and cornerbacks Stantley Thomas-Oliver III and Mark Milton.

Those additions leave five spots remaining from the maximum of 16.

Teams can elevate players from the practice squad to the active roster for gameday three times a season. Each time, they revert to the practice squad afterward. After those three elevations, the players would have to be signed to the active roster to play again.

Teams can elevate two practice squad players per week.

Panthers head coach Frank Reich said Tuesday that he considered the practice squaders an important part of the team since so many of them have been here all offseason and end up playing because of injuries.

"A lot of the guys that were let go today are going to be back here on our practice squad; a lot of the guys that were let go today are going to end up starting games for us this year – a lot or however many," Reich said Tuesday. "I mean, it's just going to happen every year in the NFL because of injuries; it's a long season. And we're going to be excited about it.

"We look at it, like when we get our 53, plus the 16. I know there's that distinction. That pay's a little different and all that stuff. But as far as the coaches are concerned, this is our squad. The 53 and 16, it's all one squad. So that's why, really, tomorrow, the work will be done."

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