Panthers share their favorite Halloween traditions and what terrifies them

Gerald Halloween

CHARLOTTE – Halloween is in full swing in the Panthers locker room. On Tuesday the rookies took their annual trip to the Levine Children’s Hospital in full costume, but the young guys aren't the only ones in the Halloween spirit.

Across the team Panthers players have planned out their costumes, filled their candy bowls and queued up their favorite scary movies. We decided to find out the players' favorite Halloween traditions, memories and what scares them the most.


Favorite candy: Starbursts

Favorite Halloween costume: Greek god

Favorite scary movie: "I'm not a scary movie guy. I have seen some, but I'd go with a thriller called 'Hush.' It's pretty intense."

Biggest fear: "I'm terrified of raccoons. Just growing up I was the only son in the house. I had two older sisters, so it was still my job to take out the trash. No matter how late at night it was, there were always raccoons. I used to hate going out there. You'd see them running around and I just got terrified. I knew one day I was going to go out there and get attacked by one. I'd open up the trash can, and one was going to pop out and tear my face off. Thank god it never happened. They just look like evil little creatures. You know how everybody loves dogs? Nobody likes raccoons."

Costume for this year: No costume, but he's planning to dress up his dogs.


Favorite candy: Reese's

Favorite Halloween costume: "I was a pile of leaves one year."

Favorite scary movie: "Us"

Biggest fear: Snakes

Costume for this year: "I'm Olaf. I was Olaf for the children's hospital and my daughter loves him, so I'm going to take it home."



Favorite candy: "Reese's, M&M's, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar, Snickers, Skittles, and the list goes on. I spoil myself every now and then."

Favorite Halloween costume: "I do not dress up. Halloween's for the devil and I don't celebrate the devil. I go for the candy."

Favorite scary movie: None

Biggest fear: Snakes and spiders

Costume for this year: "I don't see the point of dressing up, but if I had to, I'll dress up as Luke (Kuechly). I just got to get some fake muscles and some abs if I've got to look like Luke. I've got to wear some boots to be six three."


Favorite candy: "Any Cadbury's chocolate. Our chocolate is way better."

Favorite Halloween costume: "Honestly, coming up I didn't have money for costumes so I would get like an old school white T-shirt and I'd get fake blood and some fangs, and I'd just be a bloody vampire. Just make your own."

Favorite scary movie: "The Nun"

Biggest fear: "Being broke. I'm not going back."


Favorite candy: Twix

Favorite Halloween costume: Sisqó the rapper

Favorite scary movie: "Friday the 13th" (the original)

Biggest fear: "It's going to be funny, but lizards. I can deal with snakes. If I see a lizard, little ones, big ones, it don't matter, I don't like no lizards."

Costume for this year: "I'm going to get one. Me and my girlfriend are probably going to match and dress up. We're trying to do like either a Tarzan theme or maybe pirates, but we're not sure yet."

Scarlett halloween


Favorite candy: Reese's Pieces

Favorite Halloween costume: "I was Austin Powers when I was 10. It was awesome."

Favorite scary movie: "Insidious"

Biggest fear: Heights


Favorite candy: Pink Starburst

Favorite Halloween costume: Batman

Favorite scary movie: "Us"

Biggest fear: "Like, ghosts and stuff. Supernatural stuff in my house, that's a big fear. I believe it. I haven't had any encounters yet, knock on wood."

Costume for this year: "I need to get one. They got three XL in Party City? I might need to get some cloth from the shower curtain or something."


Favorite candy: Airhead Bites (Orange)

Favorite Halloween costume: Fireman or preacher

Favorite scary movie: "Jeepers Creepers 2"

Biggest fear: "Heights, big time. Every flight I go on, I'm scared."

holyfield halloween


Favorite candy: Chocolate is a Crunch Bar, but candy is Albanese Gummy Bears

Favorite Halloween costume: Batman

Favorite scary movie: "Tales of the Hood"

Biggest fear: Being buried alive

Costume for this year: "I was Willie Wonka for my son's birthday party last weekend. His birthday was yesterday."


Favorite candy: "I don't like sweets. I don't eat cake or anything like that."

Favorite Halloween costume: "Purple Power Ranger. That's the only one I remember."

Favorite scary movie: "Halloween"

Biggest fear: Heights


Favorite candy: Reese's

Favorite Halloween costume: "I was a cowboy. I had everything. The boots, the gun, the holster, the hats. I was like six or seven."

Favorite scary movie: "Halloween"

Biggest fear: "Something like being buried alive like G (McCoy) said. I'm not sure. When I was younger, I was so terrified of Freddy Kruger. I could not watch it before I went to bed or anything. I couldn't see a commercial or I'd dream about it. I swear, I was terrified. I still don't like watching it to this day. I have to watch it with the lights on."

Costume for this year: Michael Myers


Favorite candy: Candy corn

Favorite Halloween costume: Red Power Ranger

Favorite scary movie: "Paranormal Activity"

Biggest fear: Being trapped in a small room

Costume for this year: "I'm just going to be a dad."

LS J.J. Jansen

Favorite candy: "Reese's Peanut butter cup. Is that even hard?"

Favorite Halloween costume: Joe Montana

Favorite scary movie: "I don't watch scary movies. I don't like scary movies. No scary movies."

Biggest fear: "I think my biggest fear might be falling out of a plane. The 15 minutes we had where we were bouncing around (on the way to San Francisco), I didn't love that. I'm much better than I used to be, but I didn't love that."


Favorite candy: "I'm going to have to go with probably Skittles. Chocolate, I'm probably going to have to go with Twix or Snickers. I'm a huge Skittles fan."

Favorite Halloween costume: Scream

Favorite scary movie: "Paranormal Activity"

Biggest fear: Spiders or snakes

View photos of the Panthers rookies visiting patients in costume and handing out candy at the Levine Children's Hospital for Halloween.

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