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Carolina Panthers

Remember those Bojangles commercials featuring Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith?

Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith had great chemistry on the field.

Their chemistry on screen? Let's just say it was wildly entertaining.

In honor of Delhomme and Smith going into Carolina's Hall of Honor, the @Panthers unearthed two glorious Bojangles commercials from their playing days.

First up was the "Show me the chicken" spot starring Delhomme with a cameo from Smith in the final scene. Then there was the "Dukes of Hazzard" spot where Delhomme and Smith drive around at high speeds eating chicken and throwing footballs into a building that explodes. Can't make this stuff up.

Go a little further down the YouTube rabbit hole and there's more gold!

Like "The Field of Dreams" and "Defender of the Fresh Biscuit." Both of those solely feature Delhomme, who started appearing in these ads following the magical 2003 season.

Delhomme and Smith may have entered the Panthers Hall of Honor based on their performances on the field, but sometimes Panthers fans just "gotta wanna needa getta hava" Delhomme.

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