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Carolina Panthers

Rivera's remarks: Roster trimmings


Comments from Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera.

On why the Panthers released long snapper Chris Massey: We decided to stay with where we are. We brought him in, he snapped for a couple of days. There really wasn't any difference (between him and JJ Jansen), so we just felt we'd stick with what we got.

On placing offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz on injured reserve: That's a tough one. We hoped he would react positively to the treatment, and it (hip) hasn't for a long time. We've got to move forward, unfortunately, for this season. Hopefully, the young man can get it taken care of and be ready to go.

It wasn't getting better, so they're going to continue the process. He had some issues and trying to rehab it just didn't work.

On if Schwartz will need hip surgery: I don't know that.

On the team's options at right guard: We've got (Mackenzy) Bernadeau there. Garry Williams has been working there as well. We'll see how those guys come. We've worked C.J. Davis there. So we've got three guys that we've taken a look at as far as that position is concerned.

On if the Panthers could sign another offensive lineman: You never know.

On if tight end Gary Barnidge will need surgery on his broken left leg and dislocated ankle: No. But it's one of those things that's going to be a matter of a few months, so we've got to move forward with this season. Hopefully, he'll rehab and be ready for next year.

On how much the starters will play in the final preseason game: We'll get a feel for that as we get into the game. Obviously, we'd like to see a couple of really good series and then go from there.

On what he is looking for in the last preseason game: As the young group of players go, those guys that are all in the heated battles for the second and third positions, we'd love to see somebody step up and really play well. I think it's time some of those guys separate themselves, and a lot of those guys will get some extended playing time and be given the opportunity to do that.

On if there are players who are close to earning roster spots at certain positions: We've got a pretty good idea but, again, we've just got to check and see. We've got to make sure that we are making the right decision. This is a good team for these guys to match up. They've got a good group of people coming down from Pittsburgh to play us, and I really look forward to what those matchups could bring for us.

On if he likes players being hard on themselves and holding themselves to a higher standard like quarterback Cam Newton has this preseason: I do, absolutely. For all of our guys I'd love for them to hold themselves to a higher standard. But at the same time you also have to have realistic expectations. He really wants to do well and he works at it. He spends a lot of time and effort. When things don't go right he does get frustrated, which I do appreciate.

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