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Carolina Panthers

Top Play No. 3: Newton Touchdown vs. Texans


A 2-yard touchdown run doesn't sound all that exciting on the surface. Unless, of course, you're Cam Newton.

With the score tied at 10 late in the third quarter against Houston, Newton took a three-step drop and then charged up the middle.


Waiting for him just outside the end zone was Texans safety Rahim Moore, so at the 3-yard line Newton decided to take flight. The 6-foot-5, 245-pound quarterback launched up and over Moore, flipping across the goal line.

"I just know my heart was in my socks," Newton recalled.

Amazingly, he almost landed on his feet.

"I guarantee the first thing he thought when he fell was he wished he'd stuck that landing," tight end Greg Olsen joked. "But that was pretty impressive."

Newton, like everyone else in the stadium, had a look of disbelief on his face when he gathered himself in the end zone. It's the kind of uniquely Newton play that will be featured on the dynamic quarterback's highlight reel for years to come.

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