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Torrey Smith talking a good game at NFL Broadcast Boot Camp

Torrey Smith knows all about being asked questions by the media, but this week the wide receiver is learning about being the one asking the questions.

"It's a learning experience for me," said Smith, who is at Bowling Green State University taking part the NFL Player Engagement program's 13th annual Broadcast Boot Camp. "We're used to be interviewed, so this is a little bit different, a little more challenging."

Smith discussed the experience on Wednesday as a guest on "Up to the Minute" on NFL Network.

"For me, every year I try to challenge myself with something off the field," he said. "This is it, and I'm enjoying it."

Smith said that he, tight end Greg Olsen and long snapper J.J. Jansen interact as armchair analysts all the time around the Panthers locker room. Not surprisingly, in the midst of a second consecutive offseason rife with rumors that Olsen is headed to a broadcast booth any day now, Smith was asked what he thought about whether that would happen this year.

"Absolutely not, if it's based on anything that I know," Smith said. "I see him every day in the weight room, going to work, taking care of his body, trying to recover and bounce back. We need him on the Panthers – he's a great player and an awesome leader. I enjoy being around him."

Smith said that Olsen will be "a star" when he does transition to broadcasting. During Wednesday's interview, Smith was asked about another star on the Panthers roster in addition to some other offseason topics.

On how Cam Newton's offseason is going: "I talk to Cam often. I was with him this weekend at my charity basketball game in Baltimore. He's in a great place spiritually, in a great place mentally and in a great place physically. No one works harder than Cam Newton."

On the Panthers falling short of back-to-back winning seasons: "That's just the way the NFL goes. One of the hardest things to do in this league is be consistent. I think we have the right leaders, the right players and the right coaches to get it done. People forget we started off 6-2, and then everything just kind of went downhill. The talent is there; we just have to be better, figure out how to close out games and keep Cam healthy."

On rule change that will allow pass interference calls to be reviewed in 2019: "If you can be in the Hall of Fame for pass interference penalties, I would be the number one inductee. I've probably been held more than anyone ever, but there are also times when I don't agree that the call should have been made. It's tough to be put in that position, and it's a judgement call – the referees have a tough job. But for calls like the Saints (in the NFC Championship), I think it's definitely necessary to make sure that, 'Hey, if we have to use this, we will.' But I don't think it should be used on every call."

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