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Transcript: "A Message of Hope for the Carolinas"

Identification of some of the locations throughout North and South Carolina from the Panthers' Message of Hope for the Carolinas video.

The Panthers on Friday released “A Message of Hope for the Carolinas,” a video portrait of the current status of both states. With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down sports and all other non-essential activities, our spring is uncommonly silent. But together, we will eventually shine through this darkness to emerge whole and reawakened.

Here are the words in the video which were composed by the Charlotte Agenda's Michael Graff and spoken by Panthers legend and North Carolina native Julius Peppers:

Come, press your ear against your window, and listen.

Silence rains down from the skyscrapers.

In the suburbs, T-Ball jerseys hang next to unbuckled bookbags, and the roller coasters long for the fuel of screaming riders.

In the Triangle, there's a symphony with no sound. College basketball arenas with no new Final Four banner.

Wait for it, though, and it will return.

In Durham, it might start with the crack of a bat.

Wait, and someday in Chapel Hill, students will hear the bell tower again, and the graduates will gather' round the Old Well.

In Charleston, couples will fill the carriages, kayaks will cover the creeks, and the shrimp-and-grits will have never tasted so good.

These hard days and nights may break our hearts but they will never touch that spirit. It's always here, steady as stone.

It reminds us to be patient, and to remember that our towers and stadiums are nothing without people.

And it compels us, above all, to say thank you to the doctors and the nurses – and everyone else who shines through this darkness.


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