Watch: Greg Olsen like you've never seen him before

CHARLOTTE – Everyone's aware of Greg Olsen interest in going into broadcasting when his playing days are done, but maybe coaching could be in his future.

Youth baseball at least.

"I really enjoy it with the kids," said Olsen, who is serving as an assistant coach for his son Tate's under-8 South Charlotte All-Stars team that will play in the Cal Ripken League state tournament in a couple of weeks. "Obviously it's nice coming out here with Tate, but I really enjoy all the kids."

Olsen, who joked that coaching the team is the highlight of his week, doesn't do anything halfway, an attribute on full display during a recent practice.

"We're hard on all of the kids because they can do it. That's what we tell the guys: 'If we didn't think you could do it, we wouldn't coach you that hard,'" Olsen said. "All the hard work – the two-hour practices when it's hot – and then all of a sudden they turn a double play or the outfielder makes a great catch or we have a great relay play and get a kid out at second base, it just pays dividends.

"The million times you tell them what to do, what to do, and then when they do it in the game and you see the joy on their face, that's what we do it for."

Greg Olsen

View photos of tight end Greg Olsen helping coach his son's all-star baseball team.

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