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The story behind Greg Olsen's likeness in Madden NFL 20 

SPARTANBURG -- Tight end Greg Olsen's virtual representation in Madden 20 became a bit of a thing after the internet got a hold of a screenshot.

As you can see, it's not exactly a mirror image of Olsen.

When NFL Network came to Panthers camp Sunday, they asked Olsen about it.

"A couple years ago down at the Pro Bowl they (EA Sports) were doing head scans and I guess I didn't do it. For whatever reason, I was tied up with something else and didn't do it," Olsen told NFL Network. "Since then they never asked me to do it again."

That's pretty apparent.

"I look like Nick Swisher," Olsen quipped. "I'd prefer it look like me, I'll be honest."


So get this -- ALLEGEDLY Madden has produced a new version of Olsen. We'll call it Olsen 2.0, and he surfaced online (some are suggesting it's a stock likeness that gets used often).

At any rate, what does Olsen think of version 2.0? Anyone come to mind?

"Generic white guy?" Olsen said.

Pretty much.


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