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Tom Glick excited for fans to see a different side of the Panthers on All or Nothing


CHARLOTTE – Panthers team president Tom Glick has experience with the "All or Nothing" franchise on Amazon Prime.

When Glick was at Manchester City in 2017, the elite Premier League club was featured for the series. And when the Panthers were presented with the same opportunity ahead of the 2018 season, Glick offered his two cents.

"My view was really positive," Glick said. "I had just lived that routine for the previous 12 months at Manchester City. It was an incredible experience for us. It airs on Amazon Prime, which is great because it's a worldwide distribution, with premium production.

"We had Man City fans say they stayed up all night and watched every episode. It demonstrates how hungry people are and also how good the production is."

After assessing the potential impacts of living with cameras in a more intensive way, the Panthers agreed to be featured.

"We had to hire directors to produce that show with Manchester City, but here we had the benefit of working with NFL Films as a joint partner and we have a huge level of confidence in them," Glick said. "That made the decision that much easier.

"It was of great interest to David Tepper to have a program like this that features the Panthers and the Carolinas."

Now, with the episodes set to drop on July 19, Glick is excited for fans all over the world to see a side of the Panthers they've never seen before.

"It's hard to overstate how we felt about it, getting that type of visibility in moments that you don't usually get to see," Glick said. "For so many fans that's a big part of what it's all about. It's a passion point, it's part of their lifestyle, it builds a stronger connection. We're doing more things to bring our fans closer in, and this takes it to another level with the in-depth access.

"It's extraordinary. People are going to love it."

Amazon Prime members will be able to stream the series via the Prime Video app for TVs, connected devices including Fire TV, mobile devices and online at Members can also download the series to mobile devices for offline viewing at no additional cost to their membership.

The series is a global release and available on for Prime Video members in more than 200 countries and territories.

Customers who are not already Prime members can sign up for a free trial at For a list of all Prime Video compatible devices, visit

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