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Cam Newton encouraged after shoulder surgery


ATLANTA – Quarterback Cam Newton is in his hometown of Atlanta for Super Bowl week, and during a radio interview with 680 The Fan, he provided an update on how he's feeling following an arthroscopic procedure on his throwing shoulder.

"It's good. It's better than I thought it would be," Newton said. "There was so much going on throughout the season. I was in fear, in fear to see what actually was wrong."

Newton then discussed what it was like to soldier on through the pain before shutting it down for the final two games of the year.

"First quarter, second quarter – as the game progressed, I started to feel fatigue in my shoulder," Newton said. "That's what was so frustrating. It didn't matter how much I would grind, how much I would muscle up and try to throw it – it wasn't going far. You're looking at your arm thinking, 'Geez, Louise, what is really the issue?'

"I knew something was wrong. For me, being in that position, I didn't want to let my team down. I didn't want to let my fans, or even myself down to a degree. There's a benchmark that you set for yourself, and when it's not met, you're frustrated. Obviously, this year was frustrating."

But Newton is in good spirits. If you follow him on Instagram, you've seen how thrilled he is about the soft opening of his cigar lounge "Fellaship," which takes place this weekend as the Super Bowl festivities take over Atlanta. He talked about his excitement over the project earlier in the interview with 680 The Fan.

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