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My View: Behind the scenes of the black helmet photoshoot


CHARLOTTE — Knowing how long fans have been waiting for the Panthers to wear black helmets, I wanted to make sure to get all the details right.

So that meant pulling months of work together for this one.

Throughout the photoshoot, you'll see subtle hints that tie back to our first video release in July and the new video (the beakers and lightbulb).

It was also rare to do an in-season photoshoot with three current players (Jaycee Horn, DJ Moore, and Frankie Luvu), so to me, it was a big deal. They brought their own energy to this shoot, so we had to match it.

Frankie Luvu

The new alternate helmet was released back in July, so for this photoshoot, we could get creative and show off the whole all-black uniform. I hoped it would look spooky and creepy, so I wanted some of their body parts to look abnormally long to play into the creepiness. I shot some photos with the Sigma 14mm lens to give that effect.

Frankie Luvu
Jaycee Horn

We had the players do subtle head tilts and minimal movement to give off that eerie vibe with smoke and lights.

Frankie Luvu

Finally, I added blur in Photoshop to reflect the twitchiness in the original release video.

DJ Moore

Overall, this photoshoot was probably one of my favorites because it was a cohesive concept between photo, video and design.

The Panthers are ready in all-black for Thursday night.

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