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My View: Best photos of 2021


CHARLOTTE - This season came with highs and lows, but below are some of my favorite action shots from this season.

My focus when shooting game action is making sure I'm in the right position on the field. I try to make sure I'm in a spot where I can see players' faces when they're making a tackle or catching the ball, but sometimes getting the right shot is just luck.

Rule of thirds

The four photos below use the "rule of thirds," which are composition guidelines that place the subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving the other two-thirds more open.

Even though there tends to be a lot of open space using this method, it can make for a more compelling image and draws viewers to the subject.

Christian McCaffrey
DJ Moore
Christian McCaffrey
Sam Darnold


These next photos are examples of panning, which allows me to pre-focus on my subject beforehand, then follow the player throughout the whole play.

During the season, you pick up on tendencies about where the ball is going so that panning isn't as risky. In red zone situations, I knew that Cam Newton often kept the ball on quarterback keepers or options. I'd position myself right in from of him, so I could see his face, focus my camera on him and follow him the entire play. That's how I was able to get a lot of his touchdown photos.

Cam Newton
DJ Moore
Stephon Gilmore
Keith Taylor
Stantley Thomas-Oliver III

Celebration shots

Sometimes when shooting action photos, I just end up in the wrong place based on where the play goes. I might have been blocked by a player or official, or a moment happens on the opposite side of the field.

Instead of giving up on the shot, I run to try to reposition myself to get the celebration like in these next four shots.

Cam Newton
Phil Hoskins
Brandon Zylstra, Tommy Tremble
Robby Anderson

View some of the best pictures of the Panthers quarterbacks and running backs from the 2021 season.

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