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My View: Introducing Thomas Davis

My View Thomas Davis

CHARLOTTE - When I joined the Panthers as the team photographer this summer, there were certain things I knew I'd be doing.

Shooting games, practices and team events. Working with players and coaches to frame them in their highest, and sometimes lowest, points. Getting to engage with the larger Panthers community, . . .

I was not expecting to work with Panthers legend and all-time great linebacker Thomas Davis on the finer points of ISO and shutter speed.

But that was an exciting new part during a couple of the final home games of this season.

Thomas Davis

Thomas had so much fun learning the ropes during the Washington game, that he wanted to come back for the Tampa Bay game.

While I was getting specific close-up shots during warmups, he spotted some of his former teammates and snapped some frames of them.

DJ Moore
Christian McCaffrey
Greg Olsen, Christian McCaffrey

Thomas also lined up at the end of the tunnel to get a nice shot of the players coming out.

Panthers team

He then snapped a nice shot of Jermaine Carter Jr. right before kickoff.

Jermaine Carter

Once the game started, Thomas discovered a difficulty of shooting in late winter conditions: changing light. As the game went on, the sun shifted and we had to change a number of our settings to keep frames looking crisp and not too dark or blown out.

Sam Darnold

When I was near him on the sidelines, it was fun to hear fans call out to him when they saw he was back in Bank of America Stadium. Maybe he'll join me again next year!

Chanelle Smith-Walker, Thomas Davis

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