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My View: Scenes from an emotional first win

My View week 3

CHARLOTTE — Where to begin?

Honestly, there was so much happening this game (in a good way) it was hard to keep up at times.

Special teams started off strong with a blocked field goal by Henry Anderson. Field goals are always hard to capture because you don't really know where to focus, which is why I shot this photo wide, allowing me to zoom in on the celebrations.

Shaq Thompson
Myles Hartsfield, Jaycee Horn

After the blocked field goal, you could see the momentum shift.

The defense was on fire.

When I'm shooting our defense, I stand behind the ball, so I can see Panthers' players' faces. Doing that put me in the perfect position to capture the scoop and score from Marquis Haynes Sr. after Frankie Luvu stripped the ball away. I got blocked on the forced fumble, but I was able to get the touchdown and celebration.

Marquis Haynes
Marquis Haynes
Marquis Haynes

Anytime there's a big play, I try to follow the player until they get to the sidelines, which allowed me to capture Jeremy Chinn's sack and celebration with teammates.

Jeremy Chinn
Jeremy Chinn
Jeremy Chinn, Donte Jackson

There are times when I can't stay behind the ball. Normally it's when the opposing team is in the red zone. Since I moved in front of the ball, I was able to capture the interception by Derrick Brown. I shot this with the 400 mm lens. Once I saw them take off to celebrate in the end zone, I ran down there to capture the celebrations. I used the 11-24mm for those since I wanted to see the crowd on their feet in the background.

Derrick Brown
Derrick Brown

For offense, I normally stay in front of the ball in case of a big play. This worked out in my favor because Laviska Shenault Jr. had a catch and a long run to score his first touchdown with the team. I followed him the entire play to capture his celebration.

Laviska Shenault
Robbie Anderson, Laviska Shenault
Laviska Shenault

When there are about two minutes left on the clock, I wait around the bench area to follow specific players to get interactions, but this game was full of energy. I wanted to focus on players and coaches interacting with each other.

Jeremy Chinn, Xavier Woods
Laviska Shenault
Matt Rhule

This game kept me on my toes. It showed me that positioning is key, but to always keep shooting even when the play is over.

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